Black Swamp SoundArt Phosphor Bronze Double Row 10" Tambourine


Black Swamp SoundArt Phosphor Bronze Double Row 10" Tambourine is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock. Please contact us for Pre-Order policy.

Black Swamp 10" Double Row Tambourine with Phosphor Bronze Jingles. All Black Swamp Tambourines include a tambourine carry bag. Phosphor Bronze is the wettest, darkest, easy shake rolls.

Black Swamp Percussion tambourines have become the very definition of a true concert tambourine sound. Black Swamp tambourines are used by the very top percussionists and musical organizations around the world. When your tambourine is used for modern works, as well as within orchestras with centuries of history, you know you're doing something right.

The SoundArt Series tambourines reinvented and revived the true orchestral tambourine sound by returning to the superior tone that is produced only with a steam-bent, single ply shell. The shell is complemented by jingles made from tonally rich metal alloys and quality calfskin to create the de facto standard of tambourines throughout the world.

The Phosphor Bronze TD2 is a dark sound that will become more wet (aka ring longer) over time.  It has a ringing quality that produces beautiful rolls.


  • Solid, steambent Ash shell
  • Skilled hand craftsmanship and precise, advanced machinery were used to showcase the natural beauty of the wood
  • Rigorous quality standards and superior quality lumber
  • Jingles are hammered in such a way to produce a full sonority while balancing different characteristics such as attack, tessitura, sustain, projection, and tone
  • Available in premium translucent calfskin. Calf is the true traditional skin of choice for tambourines
  • Made in USA