Ernie Ball Everlast Extra Light Coated Phosphor Bronze 10-50 Acoustic Guitar Strings

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SKU: P02550

Warm Balanced Tone, Longer Life - Gauges  .010, .014, .020, .028, .040, .050

Ernie Ball Everlast Coated acoustic guitar strings use groundbreaking nanotechnology that repels unwanted moisture and oils that negatively impact your tone. Our proprietary treatment is applied to both the inner hex core and outer wrap wire to provide ultimate protection without compromising tone or feel. Made from 92% copper, 7.7% tin, 0.3% phosphorus wire wrapped around brass plated hex shaped steel core wire, Phosphor Bronze strings produce warm rich bass tones with clear bright trebles.

"Ernie Ball's proprietary nanotreatment repels sweat, moisture and oils for longer string life. The treatment is applied to the entire string throughout the core and windings. "

Everlast Phosphor Bronze strings are precision wound with phosphor bronze wire providing a warm, balanced tone with superior intonation and consistency.

The core is made from brass plated high carbon steel hex wire providing excellent durability.

         MADE IN USA

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