Sabian 20" AAX Stadium Ride Cymbal

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SKU: 22013X
By Sabian

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The  20” AAX Stadium Ride is the ideal model for projection, stick definition and warm spread. A medium-heavy model with solid bell, it sits nicely between the Stage and Metal Rides in the Sabian AAX line.

AAX delivers more brightness, cut and musicality – and a super wide dynamic range. So if you play Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, or Country, AAX could be just what you’re seeking.


  • Made in Canada
  • The ideal ride for projection, stick definition and warmth
  • A medium-heavy weight model with large bell for projection
  • AAX cymbals offer bright, explosive tone and wide dynamic range – at all volumes
  • Asserting bell, but can be crashed beautifully
  • Winner of the Sabian "Players' Choice" 2012


              • AAX Series
              • Size: 20"
              • Type: Ride Cymbal
              • Metal: B20
              • Style: Modern
              • Sound: Bright
              • Weight: Heavy
              • Finish: Brilliant