Celebrating 25th Anniversary of PDP Drums! 


Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP) is established by the Drum Workshop (DW) in 1999, with the purpose of providing drums at more affordable prices, at the same time maintain the premium quality and features of DW Drums. JS Music is pleased to be the exclusive distributor for PDP and DW drums in Malaysia. 

PDP Drums are available in various choices - Just pick one that match your budget and requirement! 


PDP Limited Edition Series - Your collector kit!


Every year, PDP launches a limited edition drum which only available on the selected year. Once it's gone, it's gone! Check out the 2021 Limited edition Twisted Ivory & Walnut Wood Hoop Kit!

Price starts from RM3,800.00. See more...

PDP Concept™ Exotic Series - Outstanding Exotic finish!

Concept™ Maple Exotics drums are constructed with maple shells, wrapped with an inner and outer veneer of rich honey mahogany, and finished with a glossy natural lacquer so, you can count on these drums to turn heads wherever they go.

► Price starts from RM5,500.00.  See more...

PDP Concept™ Maple Series - An industry standard, all-around kit!


PDP proudly brings you Concept Series Drums. Designed by Drum Workshop in California, Concept Series Drums have a fresh, new look, and a sound that has drummers talking. Concept Maple offers a myriad of today’s most popular configurations. Then, add toms or bass drums to build a custom kit to suit your musical style.

► Price starts from RM4,500.00.  See more...

PDP Spectrum™ Series - Less than maple, more than Pro!

Designed to bridge the gap between Mainstage and Concept Series, the all-new line of Spectrum Series drums supply ample warmth and resonance by way of a maple/poplar hybrid shell fitted with a new FTM (Floating Tom Mount) system. Kits are offered in three new matte lacquer finishes (Ebony, Cherry and Ultraviolet Stain) and outfitted with PDP “teardrop turret” lugs. Expect more drumset and get it, with Spectrum.

► Price starts from RM3,300.00.  See more...

PDP Mainstage Series - Outstanding value All-in-Box Complete kit

PDP Mainstage drum kit eliminates the guesswork by giving you everything you need in one box. On top of the hardwood 5-piece shell configuration, this kit includes all necessary hardware, including a pedal and throne. Finished in a designer wrap, the PDP Mainstage is a great-looking, all-inclusive drum package at an outstanding value.

► Price starts from RM2,800.00.  See more...

PDP Center Stage Series - Best Value, Aspiring Starter kit

Experience the powerful and smooth low end warmth of these poplar shells. Enjoy the eye-catching appearance and amazing durability of sparkle wrapped finishes. The kit includes True-Pitch tension rods, telescoping spurs and a variety of other features normally reserved for high-end drums make the Center Stage kits perfect for any aspiring player.

► Price starts from RM2,000.00.  See more...

PDP New Yorker™ Series - Stylish, Portable, Compact Kit!

The New Yorkers are available from PDP in stylish kits for the student or working drummer, in brilliant finishes. PDP New Yorker Kits exhibit warm, full tones, courtesy of their all-poplar shells. When you’re playing small venues, busking, or just jamming at home, a full-sized drum kit may be more than you need. With an incredible sound that won’t overwhelm a smaller space, the PDP New Yorker is an ideal compact kit.

► Price starts from RM1,620.00.  See more...