DW PDP Concept Maple Classic Shell Pack, 3-piece Bop Kit - Ox Blood Stain

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The PDP Concept Series Classic Bop Kit – a fresh take on an all-time classic!

PDP’s Concept Series Classic Bop Kit delivers time-honored, open tonality, reminiscent of calfskin drums, but can still be tuned for a variety of musical contexts. Its club-configured toms and kick drum exude a rich, focused, controlled tone that's great for jazz and hip-hop to rock and beyond. PDP's maple shells, crowned with matching maple hoops, are warm and responsive to the touch. The satin finish on this kit looks stunning, complemented by DW-inspired Dual Turret lugs, recessed stamped claw hooks, and round offset badges. 

The 3-piece Bop Kit comes in traditional, Bebop sizes: an 8”x12” mounted tom, a 14”x14” floor tom, and a 14”x18” bass drum. The 6-ply toms and 7-ply bass drum all feature the same vintage-style, low-profile claw hooks and maple-plied counterhoops as DW's regular Concept Classics. 

Drum Size:

  • 8”x12” Mounted Tom
  • 14”x14” Floor Tom
  • 14”x18” Bass Drum
** Snare drum not included**


    Ox Blood Stain with Ebony Hoops


    • Luxury meets portability
    • Focused and responsive
    • Bop sizing with 18" bass drum
    • All-maple shells and hoops deliver a rich, full sound
    • Gorgeous satin finish
    • DW-inspired hardware and lugs
    ** Shell pack only. Hardware and cymbals not included. **