DW SM110XL Control XL Bass Drum Beater

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Designed in collaboration with studio legend John “J.R.” Robinson, the Control XL Beater™ is based on the original Control Beater™ model that is standard equipment on high-end DW Manufacturing pedals. A versatile design allows drummers to adjust the amount of weight at the beater head and change beater playing surfaces instantly.

The Control XL beater includes interchangeable, oversized square wood and felt striking surfaces, as well as an extra-long steel shaft measures 8.15” for optimal throw and power.


  • Extra Long Steel Shaft
  • Interchangeable Oversized Wood and Felt Striking Surfaces
  • Designed in conjuction with studio legend John "JR" Robinson
  • Beater weight (loaded with 4 weights): 120g
  • Empty Beater weight: 80g 
  • Each weight is 10g