Gallien-Krueger MB212-II 2x12" 500W Bass Amp Combo

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The Ultimate Bass Combo for Players on the Go!

The MB212-II combo is in a class all its own. With 500 watts pumping through its American Made 2x12" Paragon Neo drivers there is more than enough output to cut through the mix. Utilizing the same 4-band active "variable Q" equalizer, contour control and F.E.T. boost circuit of GK's legendary RB Series amplifiers combined with a high-tech digital amplifier and Neodymium speakers, this combo will deliver the volume and tone pros have come to expect from GK with effortless portability. 

  • Digital power amp for ultra-efficiency and light weight
  • Chain Out lets you connect your MB212 to an MBP-powered enclosure
  • Sculpt your sound precisely with onboard 4-band active EQ
  • Aux in lets you plug in your MP3 player for practice
  • XLR direct out - go straight into the board

Features (Design): 

  • Tone Shaping: Four band active EQ and contour based on the legendary 800RB provide extensive tone shaping capability.
  • Ultra Portable Performance: Effortless transport to the gig and with 500 watts of power through 2x12 inch speakers you won’t come up short very often. Tough vinyl covering protected with metal corners provide lasting protection.
  • Custom Speaker Design: Speaker designed and manufactured by GK in the U.S.A. 
  • Connectivity: Balanced DI with pre/post switch, aux in and headphone output for silent practice plus "chain out" to drive GK's MBP powered enclosures. Pair with the 212 MBP.
  • Designed and Manufactured in USA
Features (Technology): 
  • Variable Q: Inherited from the 800RB, this unique design varies the EQ bandwidth to retain a musical response even at extreme settings.
  • Switch Mode Power: Extremely light weight switch mode power supply and power amp deliver 500W to the internal speakers.
  • Protection: Internal circuitry is always on the alert to problems, indicated at the power switch ring.
  • Driver By GK: Special Neo drivers with 2.5 inch edge wound aluminum voice coils, designed just for this cabinet, manufactured in the GK USA factory.
  • Ultra Light Weight: Plywood construction, aluminum chassis, switch mode power supply and power amp deliver 500W performance in a rugged 41lb (18.5kg) package. Each speaker is isolated in it's own chamber eliminating tone robbing standing waves and sound leakage through the cabinet walls.
  • Critically Damped: GK design team tuned the ports for optimum performance while coupled to the cabinets specific designed speaker. The ports coupled with a specific jute blend of damping material provides the right amount of damping at the right frequencies, for optimum response.


    • Type: Solid State
    • Number of Channels: 1
    • Total Power: 500W
    • Speakers: 2 x 12" Neodymium Speakers
    • EQ: 4-Band EQ with contour
    • Horn: Yes
    • Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (passive, active), 1 x 1/8" (aux in)
    • Outputs: 1 x 1/4" (headphones), 1 x XLR (direct out), 1 x XLR (chain out)
    • Dimension:14.5x19x26"
    • Weight: 41 lbs. / 18.5 kg.

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