Mollard L14SWCF Lancio®14" Conductor Baton - Silver/Carbon Fiber Shalf

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By Mollard

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For over 40 years, Mollard has manufacturer of the world’s finest batons.

Mollard's Lancio® batons have a bold appearance and an equally bold feel. The handles are turned from aluminum alloy, then hardened in a process called anodizing. While the overall weight of the Lancio baton is greater than Mollard's wood batons, the majority of the mass is located in the handle, hence in your fingers. This mass provides a damping action to the movement of the baton that defies description. You simply have to feel it! All Lancio® Batons are fitted with Mollard's gorgeous pearlescent white carbon fiber shafts.

Why Mollard?

The beauty…ST

  • Mollard knows that beautiful woods deserve superb craftsmanship, and so each Mollard baton is lovingly hand-crafted from the finest hardwoods, especially selected for their warmth and beauty.
  • The handles are polished to a lustrous high gloss. The wood shafts are finished in clear gloss or bright white, and the carbon fiber shafts are finished in brilliant pearlescent white.
  • Mollard's Lancio aluminum baton handles come in an array of stunning colors.
The craftsmanship…
  • All Mollard batons are made in the USA from the finest materials available worldwide.
  • Baton woods are hand-selected and every baton is hand-finished each and every component.
  • During assembly, shafts and handles are carefully matched for weight and fit, then each newly-assembled baton is hand balanced using interior counterweights.
  • Mollard carbon fiber shafts are not fishing pole blanks. They have been specifically designed by Mollard to match identically in size and weight distribution to Mollard wood shafts. So no matter which shaft you choose, your baton will feel wonderful!
  • Mollard Lancio baton handles are machined to very tight tolerances from aircraft-grade aluminum stock. Mollard then anodizes and dyes each handle in brilliant colors. These are critical processes that take place within the Mollard shop.

The response…

  • Mollard is well known for creating many different baton styles, lengths and weights.
  • There are Mollard batons suited for the smallest chamber ensemble, Mollard batons suited for opera or theater, Mollard batons made for military band field work.
  • Mollard batons are used around the world in many different cultures with many different musical forces.
  • Every Mollard baton has that “floating” sensation coveted by conductors everywhere.


  • Crafted and balanced by hand
  • Constructed with gorgeous premium hardwoods
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Lightning fast, precise response
  • Don’t whip split or splinter
  • Significantly reduce conductor fatigue
  • Beloved by customers for over 40 years


  • Handle Material: Aluminium - Silver Anodized
  • Handle Size: 0.75 inches x 2.25 inches (20mm x 55mm)
  • Shaft Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Shaft Finish: White
  • Lengths Including Handle: 14 inches (355mm)
  • Approx Weight: 0.7 ounce (19 grams)
  • Packaging: Shatterproof with a tube package