Sabian 10" AAX Air Splash

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SKU: 21005XA
By Sabian

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The Sabian 10" AAX Air Splash Cymbal is an 10" ball of fire. It's created with B20 Bronze alloy and got all the special AAX cymbal treatment. The cymbal is machine hammered and lathed which gives a super bright effect when hit at any dynamic level. The number of dynamic opportunities is expanded with the 6 different 1" holes cut in the cymbal (which allows for an explosive sound). This would be a great addition to almost every drummers' collection.


  • Made in Canada
  • Plenty of substance and depth in this compact 10" Splash model
  • 6 response-enhancing 1" holes add plenty of bite
  • A punchy, cutting splash that really opens up and breathes.
  • A raw bell design with AAX hammering and lathing results in a biting splash with plenty of substance and depth.
  • AAX Modern Bright cymbals offer bright explosive tone and wide dynamic range -at all volumes
  • A Cymbal Vote 2013 Winner
        • AAX Series
        • Size: 10"
        • Type: Splash Cymbal
        • Metal: B20
        • Style: Modern
        • Sound: Bright
        • Weight: Extra Thin
        • Finish: Natural