Sabian 14" B8 Pro Mini Chinese Cymbal

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Sabian's B8 bronze and hand-guided hammering process are responsible for the B8 Pro Chinese cymbal's glassy partials and smooth, musical decay. This china's explosive power is proven for punching accents, and its trashy wash is guaranteed to intensify breakdowns. However, unique to the B8 Pro china is its velvety attack. This cymbal shows the musical sophistication of others costing many times more.


  • Made in Canada
  • A cost-effective way to add a china to your kit
  • Smooth, glassy partials
  • Explosive attack
  • Trashy wash
  • Musical response
  • Uses the same hand-guided hammering as Sabian's B20 models


        • B8 Pro Series
        • Size: 14"
        • Type: China Cymbal
        • Metal: B8
        • Style: Focused
        • Sound: Bright
        • Weight: Thin
        • Finish: Brilliant

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