Sabian HH 8" High Max Stax Effect Cymbal

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SKU: 15005MPH
By Sabian

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A revolutionary union of a singing crash and the trashy accents of a China cymbal from Sabian.

From the mind of Mike Portnoy, the Sabian HH High Max Stax Cymbal Pack is a perfect addition to the ever-expanding kit of a progressive or exploratory drummer. Comprised of a 8" Max Stax China Kang stacked atop a 8" Max Stax Splash, a Max Stax setup is a refreshing alternative to leading on a conventional hi-hat or crash or just to provide rapid, trashy accents. This set features a vintage look and a dark tone. Brilliant finish.


  • Hand Hammered in Canada
  • Consists of:
    • 8" Max Stax China Kang
    • 8" Max Stax Splash
  • Short and effective sound
  • Highly versatile
  • Size: 8"
  • Type: Effect Cymbal made up by China /Splash
  • HH Series
  • Style: Vintage
  • Metal: B20 alloy
  • Sound: Dark