Sabian 16" HHX Studio Crash Cymbal

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SKU: 11606XN
By Sabian

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Thin design for fast and full accents loaded with a bright tone that shimmers with pure musicality.

HHX Series Cymbals put out rich, simmering tones that burn through the coolest music. Super-sized hammering and an exclusive Tone Projection feature add bite to project the musical sounds of HHX Cymbals through everything from pumped-up grooves and thickly textured tracks, to guitar-heavy, high-end wailing. HHX Cymbals combine the best of two worlds, traditional tone and modern projection.So no matter what kind of music you play, HHX makes it easy to get your dark mojo working. Are you ready to unleash your dark?


  • Hand Hammered in Canada
  • Thin crash cymbal with fast response and full range of sounds
  • Bright, clear sounding
  • Extremely musical
  • Bell slightly thicker and unlathed
  • HHX series cymbals respond faster than HH series
  • Wider sound spectrum compared to HH series


    • HHX Series
    • Size: 16"
    • Type: Crash Cymbal
    • Metal: B20
    • Style: Modern
    • Sound: Dark
    • Weight: Thin
    • Finish: Brilliant