Schlagwerk Booster Set

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There will always be percussionists who aren't thrilled with a traditional drumset, just as there will always be drummers whose reaction is restrained when it comes to percussion. The booster set is the perfect solution for percussionists and drummers. The combination of booster box and cajinto makes no compromises for people who are looking for an impressive drum & bass kit, who need a compact drum set for their gigs, or who just want to integrate the ultimate groove machine into their percussion setup.

Booster Boxx – The name is standard for musicians. This Bass- Cajon, which was designed for use with a pedal and BP 40, makes an amazing bass drum sound on stage. The integrated snare cross-bar helps to create a totally realistic sound (distinctive vibrating snare wires). The frequency range lies just above that of “normal” bass drums, thus offering an absolute impressive, interesting and assertive alternative.

Cajinto Skinwood - The patented skinwood playing surface enables a rich full snare sound with controlled overtones. With hand comfort in mind, the Cajinto Skinwood also has an adequate structure for playing with brushes.


  • Consisting of Booster Boxx, incl. base plate, Cajinto Skinwood, MultiClap Gr. 2# and Cajinto Adapter plate.
  • Hi-Hat-Stand, Snare-Stand, Cymbals and CP404 not included.
  • Made in Germany